Why Riekie Erasmus

Riekie Erasmus has been in the legal field since 1980 as prosecutor, magistrate and state advocate.

She started practising as an attorney in 1995 and has the right of appearance in the Supreme Court of South Africa. This is economically viable, saving costs of Counsel and an attorney in respect of consultations and attendances in court.

The Practice

The practice does general legal work in all fields including deceased and insolvent estates, criminal litigation, debt recovery and conveyancing. We offer special fees for non-profitable organisations and a free consultation on specified matters. We also accept instructions on a contingency fee.

We are big enough to do anything yet small enough to give personal attention.

Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act opens up a new field in law and we are ready to assist you with all queries on your rights as a consumer or a contracting party.

Consumer protection act

Consumers enforce your rights!

Consumers, you now have more rights than ever! The Consumer Protection Act was promulgated by the President of South Africa on 29 April 2009 and is now in full force and effect as of 1 April 2011. Almost every inhabitant of this country is invariably a consumer and the Consumer Protection Act is here to protect you. Your consumer rights are actually embodied in one of the world’s most liberal pieces of legislation, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996. Consumer rights are inextricably linked to your right to human dignity and equality. Section 9 of the Constitution states that national legislation must be enacted to prevent unfair discrimination. The Consumer Protection Act is therefore a reinforcement of your rights contained in the Constitution and it affords you a more user-friendly approach in seeking redress of consumer violations. If you are doubting whether you are a consumer, note that a consumer means “user, buyer, purchaser, customer, shopper, client.”

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Riekie Erasmus Properties

Riekie Erasmus now also conducts business as an estate agent. For the convenience of having your agent and legal advisor under one roof, contact us!